Search it Up! AVL Gear Resource is designed specifically to aggregate AVL products, manufacturers, professional organizations, integrators, rental houses and affiliated associations into one comprehensive and easy-to-use resource for Houses of Worship, community centers, theatres, clubs and any place else that needs AVL equipment.

With thousands of AVL manufacturers and products featured, Search it Up! AVL Gear Resource offers complete searchability for a variety of AVL and related broadcast, live production, touring and fixed install equipment all in one place. You will no longer need to spend hours scouring the internet for the products, manufacturers, and suppliers you want – Search it Up! AVL Gear Resource does it all for you.

Our easy to navigate interface allows users to specify types of equipment and manufacturers and provides full specifications for each piece of gear, including full-color photos, complete descriptions, specifications, and where to purchase. Search it Up! AVL Gear Resource also includes a growing list of Resellers, Integrators, and Rental Houses that can help your facility plan your future AVL needs.

Whether you are a professional in the AVL Industry, or someone just learning about AVL, regular updates to our comprehensive database means Search It Up is always up-to-date and ready to meet your needs. Search it Up! AVL Gear Resource is published by Inspiration Technology Conference, Inc., owners of Technologies for Worship Magazine, the most trusted name in worship production since 1992.

• Comprehensive product databases for audio, video, lighting, projection, power distribution, fog/atmospherics, rigging and expendables
• Search categories include: manufacturers, types of gear / key word searches, active and discontinued products, etc.
• Product searches include color photos, descriptions, specifications (including DMX, where applicable), Media and Where to buy
• View videos, reviews and other media for different products, where available
• Access a growing list of resellers and integrators, including contact information and website links direct to the company
• Comprehensive Glossary of AVL and associated terms

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